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Our Company

Since 1999, North Vancouver’s Artisan Bake Shoppe has been providing customers with “honest bread” – authentic artisan breads crafted by hand, leavened with natural starters and little or no yeast, and baked in a hearth oven for a distinctly delicious flavor and texture.

Led by the husband-and-wife team of Markus and Ursula Jaeger, both Master Bakers from Germany, the Artisan Bake Shoppe family is dedicated to crafting pure and natural artisan breads from scratch – that means no premixes, no added oil or sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colours, and no commercial dough improvers. The result is wholesome, richly-flavored breads that go back to the roots of baking.

The Artisan family believes it is vitally important to make a positive impact on the community and the environment. Artisan Bake Shoppe supports local and organic food, partnering with local and organic ingredient suppliers whenever possible. We use only certified organic grains and flour from Anita’s Organic Mill in the Fraser Valley, where the slow, low-temperature stone-mill method preserves the grain’s nutrients.