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All Artisan breads are made from scratch – no premixes – with no added oil or sugar, and are 100% free of preservatives, artificial flavors and colours, and commercial dough improvers. We use only certified organic grains and flour from Anita’s Organic Mill in the Fraser Valley, where the slow, low-temperature stone-mill method preserves the grain’s nutrients.

For bread-lovers looking for more nutrient-rich breads or those with wheat, gluten or yeast sensitivities or special diets, Artisan offers breads and baked goods made with stone-milled whole grains, wheat alternatives, natural rye starter and no added yeast, as well as vegan products.

Learn more about some of our most popular products by clicking the categories below. Additional seasonal and specialty items are available at our Bake Shoppe and wholesale retailers.

Contact us for more information about our products.

Top Sellers Cookies, Pretzels & more Wheat Alternatives Vegan No Added Yeast